AvtoVAZ resumed production of the Lada Niva Travel SUV at a plant in Togliatti

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MOSCOW, 15 Aug – AvtoVAZ has resumed production of the Lada Niva Travel SUV at a plant in Togliatti, according to a statement. message companies. AvtoVAZ announces the resumption of production of the Lada Niva Travel SUV. On August 15, the assembly of cars for the 2022 model year began,” the automaker said. AvtoVAZ said … Read more

Auto expert explained what could lead to drastic changes at AvtoVAZ

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AvtoVAZ is starting to assemble cars again five days a week after two months of “four days”, the company said. What could allow the plant in Togliatti to get out of idle time, auto expert Igor Morzharetto explained in an interview with Sputnik radio. Employees of the AvtoVAZ car assembly complex have returned to a … Read more

Struggling Honda engineers face the wall of “belief” and “experience” in EV development

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Honda has declared that by 2040 all new vehicles will be electric vehicles (EVs) or fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). At the car development site, the technical team is struggling to develop the EV that will support Honda’s future growth. What is a “selling EV”? In the process of searching for the answer, we sometimes clash … Read more