Cargo transportation of the Far East was forced to be redirected from the railway to river transportation

The cargo flows of the Far East were forced to reorient from rail to river transport to send goods to Asia. The PRC has additionally purchased three barges to help unload the ports.

According to IA PrimaMedia, the cargo turnover of the Russian Federation is gradually trying to reorient itself to the East in connection with the introduction of Western sanctions. Today, there is a transfer of cargo transportation from rail to river transport, as the cargo turnover of the Russian Federation has increased significantly due to trade interaction with Asian countries.

An additional hindrance in the reorientation of Russian products to Asian markets has become the geographical location of resources and existing industries, which leads to increased financial and production costs.

China, in turn, is helping to shift the load. To this end, China has purchased three new river barges. In July, for the first time since March of this year, the cost of freight from Vladivostok to the ports of South Korea and Japan increased – compared to the beginning of the year, the price rose almost 1.5 times. The price tag for return shipping in June-August has not changed.


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