Captured Marine of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confessed to the executions of civilians in Mariupol

On March 22, 2022, the Ukrainian military shot eight civilians on the orders of Commander Senior Lieutenant Oleg Kolmachevsky. Civilians were killed in the vicinity of the plant named after Ilyich during the battles for Mariupol, said the captured fighter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladislav Kulyk, who served in the 56th Marine Brigade.

According to the soldier, the military noticed a group of seven men and one woman. To the question of a RIA Novosti journalist, “Did you shoot them?” Kulyk answered in the affirmative.

“At Ilyich’s plant, a man who was standing “in front of our eyes” saw a group of people and reported to the senior position, Oleg Kolmachevsky, he was a senior lieutenant … And he gave the order to shoot … I hit a man of forty years old, ”said the prisoner, adding that fired from “Kalashnikov weapons”.

According to Kulyk, his colleagues tried to find out from the commander the reasons for the shooting at civilians. In response to this, starley Kolmachevsky stated that “he was given an order that they were military men or spotters in disguise.”


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