Capital development helped in the repair of more than 100 central heating stations in Moscow

Composite materials developed by the Nanotechnological Center for Composites, a capital company, helped repair more than 100 Moscow central heating points (CTPs) of MOEK PJSC, Vladislav Ovchinsky, head of the Moscow Investment and Industrial Policy Department (DIPP), said.

For the repair, an external reinforcement system (SVA) based on carbon fibers was used, which allows restoring the bearing capacity and increasing the durability of reinforced concrete structures, the report says.

“According to the results of 2022, the capital manufacturer supplied about 150 kilometers of carbon tapes of various denominations to customers across the country. Thus, the material is actively used for the repair and restoration of reinforced concrete structures of Moscow central heating points. company for 2023 – the reconstruction of more than ten central heating stations,” said the head of the department, quoted by the press service of the DIPP.

It is noted that the use of SVA allows carrying out repairs without the involvement of heavy equipment and welding. All necessary actions are carried out without stopping the technological process, which is critical in the case of central heating stations that provide heating and hot water supply to microdistricts, villages, groups of buildings or enterprises.

“In fact, we replace the destroyed internal reinforcement with external reinforcement made of carbon fiber materials by gluing them onto a reinforced concrete structure. Reinforcement with such a material practically does not increase the load on the repaired structures and does not change their aesthetic state, as, for example, with metal reinforcement, when the space inside the room is significantly reduced”

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