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Brussels airport calls on travelers to stay away from strike


Brussels Airport Zaventem calls on travelers not to come on Monday and to rebook their flight. Chaos is expected at the airport due to a strike at security company G4S and various baggage handlers. Brussels Airport foresees waiting times of up to eight hours for airport security, which would mean that many travelers miss their flight and end up stranded at the airport.

The airport is still in talks with airlines to cancel as many flights on Monday as possible. About two thirds of the scheduled flights have already been canceled and the airport thinks there will be “many last minute cancellations”. Travelers who nevertheless plan to fly on Monday, therefore calls on Brussels Airport to regularly check the website of their airline.

More strikes are planned in the aviation sector in Belgium in the coming week. Brussels Airlines flying staff wants to stop working from Thursday to Saturday. They complain about the high workload. Brussels Airlines has already hired extra staff and is canceling some of the scheduled flights this summer, but according to the employees, that is not yet enough.

Ryanair cabin crew, which flies from both Zaventem and Brussels South-Charleroi airport, want to go on strike from Friday to Sunday. The pursers, stewards and flight attendants of the price fighter do this out of solidarity with Spanish colleagues. There the negotiations about the collective labor agreement came to a standstill.

The European aviation sector is struggling to meet the demand for air travel. Security guards and baggage handlers at airports in particular complain about the great workload now that some of their colleagues have been fired or left during the corona pandemic. Now that the number of flights is increasing again, there is too much work for the remaining staff.

Schiphol decided this week to set a maximum number of travelers per day in any case in July. This should prevent unsafe situations. The move does mean that flights will have to be cancelled.


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