Bring back Tone Weiss: Vitalik Buterin’s week, the WEX case, who needs AML

News podcast from ForkLog “Bring Back Tone Weiss”

“Bring Back Tone Weiss” is a news podcast with the editors and friends of ForkLog about the main industry events of the week.

Topics of the issue: Ethereum infrastructure news, sale of MakerDAO tokens by Vitalik Buterin, new details of the WEX crypto exchange case, departure of CIS executives from Binance.

Members: Lena Jess, Vasily Smirnov.

Special guest: Nikolay Demchuk, lawyer, specialist in AML AMLBot company.

Ethereum and Buterin

On September 4, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin sold 500 MakerDAO tokens (~$579,000) after project head Rune Christensen proposed launching the protocol on Solana. Later, in a conversation with the community of rival stablecoin platform Reflexer, Buterin said that MakerDAO was “torpedoing itself in strange directions.”

Speaking at Korea Blockchain Week, Buterin spoke about the problem of centralization of Ethereum: in his opinion, independence from large suppliers of computing power can be achieved in 10–20 years.

The Ethereum co-founder also co-authored a study on Privacy Pools, a protocol that could become an alternative to cryptocurrency mixers like Tornado Cash. The development attempts to solve two problems: maintaining the confidentiality of transactions, while tracking and filtering funds associated with illegal activities.

Another idea for developing the ecosystem was put forward by the head of Matter Labs, Alex Glukhovsky. He proposed the creation of an “Ethereum Supreme Court” that would serve as the final authority in resolving disputes regarding smart contracts.

A new twist in the WEX case

Dmitry “Sailor” Khavchenko was excluded from the list of victims in the case of embezzlement of assets of the WEX cryptocurrency exchange. Before the start of the trial, Khavchenko learned that instead of him, this status was given to a certain “dummy person with an Armenian passport” who had not previously participated in the proceedings. The new “victim” is associated with the Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeev.

Binance and CIS

Binance top managers Gleb Kostarev and Vladimir Smerkis announced their resignation from their positions on September 6. Both were, among other things, responsible for running the company’s business in the Russian Federation.

Exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao wrote in X that some managers are “moving on to higher roles, and some to new projects,” and advised “not to pay attention to FUD“.

Let us recall that at the end of August, Binance removed the banks Sber, Tinkoff and Alfa, which were under American sanctions, from its P2P platforms.

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