Brent Oil Exceeds $ 36 for the First Time Since April 9


    The growth of quotations is due to the removal of quarantine measures in the world and a decrease in production.

    The cost of the July futures for Brent crude on the London ICE grew by 4.47% and reached $ 36.03 per barrel. At this level, the North Sea mixture last traded on April 9th.

    According to the auction, as of 9:50 AM Wednesday, in Washington, DC, USA time, American WTI crude oil has also risen in price. July futures for this black gold rose 3.38% to $ 33.04 per barrel.

    Oil quotes are growing amid a recovery in demand after the start of the removal of quarantine measures around the world.

    The decrease in production by the largest producers around the world and the decrease in US crude oil reserves also have a positive effect.

    At the same time, the head of Rusnano, Anatoly Chubais, believes that the current turmoil in the oil market has proved that Russia is too dependent on black gold. He believes that the time has come to change the system.

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