Boris Titov, Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Russian Federation, said that he would leave his post next year. His second term in office expires in 2021. As the Ombudsman explained, the principle of “no more than two consecutive terms” is unshakable for him, because “you cannot grow to the place.”

“We all understand – with mathematics, everything is fine, I think, with entrepreneurs, – that this year will be the final one for me as an Ombudsman for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs … I must say that this is an unshakable rule not only for me, but for everyone commissioners, although some ideas began to appear there for extending further (term. “B”), but my position remains the same: it is impossible to stay, to grow in place, to do the same thing for more than two terms, ”said Mr. Titov during his speech at the 15th All-Russian Conference of Ombudsmen for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs.

Boris Titov was appointed to the post of Ombudsman in 2012 by decree of Vladimir Putin. In 2017, Mr Putin reappointed him for a second term. In February 2016, Mr. Titov was also elected chairman of the Right Cause party, which was later renamed the Growth Party.