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Boris Johnson was the wrong gender

Boris Johnson, who is leaving the post of British Prime Minister, has no chance of leading NATO. According to an unspoken consensus among the leadership of the alliance, the next secretary general should be a representative of the newly admitted states. Moreover, he must be a woman.

According to a TASS diplomatic source from Brussels, this is the main reason that Johnson does not shine for the post of NATO Secretary General. For example, former Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas, who, like Johnson, lost her post against the backdrop of a catastrophically deteriorating economic situation in Europe, fully meets these criteria.

Earlier, the British media actively prophesied for Boris Johnson the chair of the head of the North Atlantic Alliance. The outgoing prime minister, among other things, said about the conflict in Ukraine that “a woman would never start a war.”

The President of Russia reacted to this remark. Vladimir Putin reminded the forgetful Johnson of Margaret Thatcher, who unleashed a war with Argentina over the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands, which are thousands of miles from Great Britain. However, the imperial ambitions of the kingdom and the desire to extend the imperial status became the basis for the carnage in the Atlantic.

Jens Stoltenberg remains NATO Secretary General. His powers have been extended against the backdrop of the Ukrainian conflict until September 30, 2023.


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