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Boris Johnson does not want to resign

Boris Johnson does not want to resign, and some conservatives are still ready to see him as the British Prime Minister. The British media gave out such information right before the televised debate between the contenders for Johnson’s seat.

Just at this moment, a live showdown between former Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak and Foreign Minister Liz Truss begins. However, The Telegraph stated that the seat was not free, as Johnson, in a conversation with a friend, expressed his willingness to withdraw his July 7 resignation. Provided that his fellow party conservatives support him.

A petition calling for Boris Johnson to be included in the list of candidates for the post of prime minister has already gained 10,000 votes. Johnson’s comeback was announced amid reports in the British press that many people in England surveyed did not know the applicants for the prime minister’s chair by sight, despite the exchange of blows in the media.

Liz Truss accused her opponent of being too soft on Russia and China. Journalists from the tabloid The Sun received information that Rishi Sunak, as finance minister, allegedly delayed too long with the refusal of Russian gas supplies. Whereas Sunak said that Truss, as foreign minister, connived at the dangerous strengthening of China’s influence in the UK.

A preliminary poll of members of the Conservative Party, who will vote for the leader and future head of the cabinet, showed that Liz Truss is in the lead so far. She has 62 percent of the vote, while Rishi Sunak has 38 percent.


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