Boosting Crypto Market: Analyzing Bitcoin’s Performance and the Impact of Federal Reserve Rhetoric

Bitcoin’s Performance Amidst Federal Reserve Rhetoric: A Deep Dive

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In recent times, the crypto market has witnessed a local strengthening of its flagship, Bitcoin. Despite the completion of the epic surrounding the US public debt, Bitcoin has faced challenges, experiencing a 5% loss since the beginning of May. These negative values at the end of the month in 2023 mark a significant shift for the cryptocurrency.

The Influence of Federal Reserve Rhetoric

Experts in the field have identified a strong correlation between the rhetoric of Federal Reserve officials and the pressure exerted on the crypto market. The urgent call to increase the refinancing rate, driven by inflation still remaining far from the target value of 2%, has impacted Bitcoin’s performance. Additionally, the stability observed in the local labor market, despite the slowdown in the US economy, has provided the Federal Reserve with more flexibility in terms of tightening monetary policy.

The Dollar’s Influence and Institutional Capital Outflow

The radical position taken by the Federal Reserve has resulted in the growth of the US dollar, which in turn has placed substantial pressure on Bitcoin. It is essential to note the inverse correlation between BTC and the US currency. Moreover, the cryptocurrency market has experienced a clear outflow of institutional capital. May saw a significant drop in the market capitalization of all stablecoins, reaching a 20-month low at $130 billion. Bitcoin’s connection to the high-tech stock sector has also witnessed a decline, with the NASDAQ index gaining 8% this month while Bitcoin risks ending May with a loss.

The GreatVoyage v4.7.2 Update by Tron Specialists

Notably, the Tron specialists have recently announced the GreatVoyage v4.7.2 update, which aims to optimize and enhance the efficiency of the native blockchain. This upcoming update brings positive news for the crypto community, highlighting ongoing efforts to improve the Tron ecosystem.


As Bitcoin navigates the challenges posed by Federal Reserve rhetoric and the inverse correlation with the US dollar, the cryptocurrency market remains dynamic and subject to various influences. The local strengthening of Bitcoin amidst the completion of the US public debt epic has both positive and negative implications. It is crucial for investors and enthusiasts to stay informed about the latest developments, such as the upcoming GreatVoyage v4.7.2 update by Tron specialists, as they shape the future of the crypto market.

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