BNB Chain team set date for Luban hard fork


The Luban update on the BNB Chain will be activated at block #29,020,050 around June 12, 2023, the developers have announced.

The upgrade includes three suggestions for improvement:

BEP-126 implements the first part of the FastFinality mechanism, which makes changes to the block finalization process. It is assumed that the solution will significantly speed up the final confirmation of transactions (up to ~ 7.5 seconds). This will improve user interaction with the network and increase its security by reducing the chance of malicious reorganization.

The next BEP will introduce a relay management mechanism that helps transfer assets between different blockchains. The tool will increase the security of the BSC Bridge cross-chain bridge.

The update will simplify the management of the registration of repeaters in the white list. Now this must be done manually, each time through the deployment of a new version of the smart contract.

BEP-221 Implements Simplified Block Validation for the CometBFT Software Solution Used for Secure Replication dapps to many devices.

The previous hard fork on the network, called Planck, took place on April 12.

Recall that in May, the daily number of transactions in BNB Chain reached a maximum over the past 12 months.

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