BNB Chain team launched opBNB public mainnet


On September 13, the developers of BNB Chain announced the public launch of the main network of the second layer solution opBNB.

Infrastructure providers gained access to the mainnet in August.

The L2 network is built on the OP Stack software stack from Optimism. The protocol uses Optimistic Rollups scaling technology.

According to the statement, EVM-compatible solution is designed to democratize access to the blockchain by significantly reducing gas fees.

For creators of opBNB-based projects, the BNB Chain team announced the following support measures:

  • grant funding;
  • in-kind assistance through the Kickstart initiative, liquidity program and marketing;
  • tutorials and technical documentation on integration.

The developers launched the opBNB testnet in June. During this time, the network processed 35 million transactions. 435,972 unique wallets interacted with the protocol, over 150 were deployed on it dapps.

On the main network, the project aims to achieve a throughput of up to 4000 TPS at peak and maintain a stable 2600 TPS. The transaction value must be below $0.005.

After the launch of the mainnet, the team plans to increase the stability and decentralization of the L2 solution through:

  • improving the evidence mechanism;
  • implementation of account abstraction;
  • integration with the BNB Greenfield data storage protocol;
  • implementation of a decentralized sequencer.

In honor of the public launch, BNB Chain will release a Genesis NFT collection, project representatives told ForkLog. The tokens will provide holders with VIP benefits, including priority access to various events such as partner airdrops and a place on the white list.

Together with 15 partners, the platform will hold the “opBNB Airdrop Marathon”. Over the course of two months, there will be one to three promotions each week with free token distribution.

Let’s remember that on September 13, Manta Network announced the launch of the alpha version of the main network of the second layer solution Pacific, also built using OP Stack.

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