Bloomberg: Apple will allow vaccinated people not to wear masks in their stores

The American corporation Apple plans to cancel the mask mode in its stores in the United States for those vaccinated against coronavirus. The relief will take effect this week, Bloomberg reports, citing sources. At the same time, employees of the company are required to continue to wear masks.

Customers will not be required to confirm vaccinations, according to a memo sent to Apple employees. The innovations will take effect on Tuesday, June 15th. As noted by Bloomberg, the company may change its plans or postpone the lifting of restrictions.

“Given the progress made in the fight against COVID-19 in the United States, we report that a number of offices (Apple.— “B”) … will begin to operate in accordance with the rules of the third phase (removal of restrictions.— “B”). At this stage, it is not necessary for the vaccinated to wear masks. Distance requirements are also reduced, ”the memo says.

An Apple spokesman declined to comment on the planned changes. As clarifies Bloomberg, earlier the company has already relaxed the requirements for mask mode in other regions, in particular in Australia. In the US, restrictions have been loosened by several large companies, including Starbucks, Walmart, Costco and Trader Joe’s.

The United States ranks first in the world in the number of cases of coronavirus (more than 33.4 million people) and deaths from it (over 599 thousand). The country’s chief infectious disease specialist did not rule out that the unofficial number of victims of COVID-19 could be higher. In May, US President Joe Biden announced that Americans who are fully vaccinated against the virus may not wear masks.

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