Blogger Manukyan: Israel took an “ostrich position” in a special operation

Israel took an “ostrich position” in relation to the special military operation in Ukraine, preferring to ignore the obvious manifestations of Nazism. Journalist and blogger Vadim Manukyan shared this opinion with the FAN editors.

Holocaust Remembrance Day is celebrated annually on January 27th. The date was approved by the UN General Assembly on November 1, 2005 in resolution 60/7 in order to preserve knowledge of the massacre of the Jewish people in Germany and the territories it occupied during the Second World War.

Federal News Agency |  Polina Tsybulko
Federal News Agency | Polina Tsybulko

Journalist Vadim Manukyan recalled that Tel Aviv noticed the growth of nationalism in the former Ukrainian SSR. However, as the conflict developed, he began to ignore issues related to this topic.

“Before the start of a special military operation in Ukraine, torchlight marches were held. Israel condemned, said that such manifestations of extremism are impossible, and Ukraine is behaving inappropriately. At the start of the NMD, photos and videos appeared from the battlefields where the Nazi regiment was in Mariupol, and Israel spoke about this. And then it all ended, as if there was no more Nazism in Ukraine,” — stated the expert.

The blogger drew attention to the fact that the descendants of Jacob in Europe fell victim to German fascism. However, Tel Aviv, even on international platforms, does not contradict Washington and Kyiv, preferring not to notice the contradictions.

“Israel found itself in such a rather ambiguous story, despite the fact that its people really suffered during the Holocaust, when a large number of Jews died in an absolutely inhumane way. It is striking that on Holocaust Remembrance Day there are no statements that Nazism no longer has a place and should not be. Israel did not even condemn the fact that the United States and Ukraine vote against the resolution to prevent the rehabilitation of Nazism from time to time (in the UN General Assembly. Note. FAN),” Manukyan stressed.

Photo from the personal archive of Vadim Manukyan
Photo from the personal archive of Vadim Manukyan

The journalist pointed out that Tel Aviv prefers to avoid the sensitive topic of nationalism in the “Square”. Thus, the modern generations of the biblical people refuse to publicly honor their ancestors who innocently suffered from the crimes of Hitler.

“In the course of the NMD, Israel took an ostrich position, hid its head in the sand and does not want to call white white and black black. He decided to just close his eyes. The fact that he does not want to pay attention to the ugly manifestations of Nazism (in Ukraine. Note. FAN) is a spit in the direction of the memory of the dead Jews during the Second World War”, — said the blogger.

Federal News Agency |  Polina Tsybulko
Federal News Agency | Polina Tsybulko

The journalist urged to voice the pressing problem and look for ways to solve it together with the Russian Federation.

“They (Israelis. Note. FAN) make a mistake again. If we do not talk about it loudly, then Nazism will absorb more and more people in the world. This must be stopped and cannot be hushed up. This is what Russia is doing today, summed up Manukyan.

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