Bitget Launches AI Martingale Trading Strategy

Bitget Launches AI-Based Martingale Strategy
Bitget Launches AI-Based Martingale Strategy

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget has added the Martingale strategy based on artificial intelligence (AI) to the list of investment services. This is stated in the blog of the trading platform.

The Martingale principle, or simply martingale, is a high-risk trading strategy that involves increasing the purchase volume after each losing trade before entering into a profitable one. The strategy is used in gambling; it is also popular among beginners in trading.

The AI ​​martingale allows you to automatically invest cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage. To do this, traders set the frequency of investments, the level of risk, the target profit and the multiplicity of additional positions.

“Providing these AI solutions is in line with Bitget’s mission to help people use digital assets safely. We will continue to explore new ways to integrate artificial intelligence into our products and services to empower investors,” said Bitget Managing Director Gracie Chen.

Bitget is a cryptocurrency exchange for spot and futures trading, P2P and OTC transactions, copy trading, as well as passive income on Bitget Earn products. The platform serves more than 8 million users from all over the world.

Previously, Bitget added support EVM-compatible addresses.

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