Bitcoin Pool f2pool Launches Satoshi Auctions for Ordinals


Mining pool f2pool launched auctions for remarkable satoshi in mined bitcoin blocks for NFT creators on the Ordinals protocol.

For the first auction, the structure put up the first satoshi in ten blocks.

The starting price of each lot is $288. Initially, payment is only possible in USDT stablecoin from Tether.

Data: f2pool.

“Auctions will last 24 hours. F2pool will regularly add new Unusual Satoshis for subsequent trading,” the statement said.

Participants need to have a valid U-account on the platform. This account type is not used for mining reward settlements.

The release of NFT on the blockchain of the first cryptocurrency became possible after the appearance of the Ordinals protocol in January 2023. This was made possible by the Taproot soft fork. The project uses satoshi numbering (serialization) to write data to the “witness” part of a bitcoin transaction.

Digital artifacts quickly gained popularity and contributed to the growth of miners’ income from transaction fees. At the end of May, the number of NFTs issued thanks to the Ordinals exceeded 10 million.

Recall that in June, the developers of the protocol presented an update that unlocks more than 71,000 “cursed inscriptions” that are not tied to specific Satoshi.

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