Binance Offers VIP Users a Transaction Accelerator

Binance Offered VIP Users
Binance Offered VIP Users

The Binance Mining Pool has introduced a transaction acceleration service for VIP traders with a monthly trading volume of at least $1 million on the exchange.

“This is a service that helps speed up the process of confirming crypto transactions, especially when the network is congested or when the user has set a low fee. When using the service, miners will give priority to transactions, confirming faster than usual, ”the solution description says.

The exchange warned traders that after contacting the service, it is impossible to withdraw the request and return the service fee.

Binance has also launched a new suite of Bitcoin cloud mining products, Cloud Mining.

Users got the opportunity to purchase a hashrate by subscription and receive rewards. The minimum value for the purchase is 1 TH / s (~ $ 10.7), the term of the service is 180 days. The service assumes a daily income of approximately 241 satoshi on TH/s – about $0.06 or ~$10.8 for the entire period, based on the price of bitcoin at the time of writing.

Binance Offers VIP Users a Transaction Accelerator
Binance Pool Data.

According to, the exchange’s mining pool is among the top five in terms of bitcoin hashrate, with a share of 8.64%. Foundry USA is in the lead with a noticeable margin from others – 33.89%.

Binance Offers VIP Users a Transaction Accelerator

Recall that on June 12, the computing power of the network of the first cryptocurrency (smoothed 7-day moving average) reached a historical maximum of 393.9 EH / s.

Following this, mining difficulty rose to a record high of 52.35 T, adding 2.18%.

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