Billions have not been brought to trial

For every 12 insured events within the framework of OSAGO in the country, there is one appeal of the consumer to the financial representative service. According to the results of the “covid” 2020, the financier helped motorists get more than 4 billion rubles from insurers. At the same time, in disputes, the service often takes the side of insurers – its decisions in favor of the clients of the companies accounted for a little more than a third of all completed disputes with the financial manager. The Institute of Financial Ombudsman saved the market 9.2 billion rubles in 2020, which is how much the company would have paid to consumers in courts without it.

As the chief financial ombudsman Yuri Voronin said yesterday, at the end of 2020, his service received 187.4 thousand applications, including 186.1 thousand for insurance, 832 for microfinance. Top 10 insurance companies by the number of requests accounted for three quarters (74.2%, 138 thousand) of applications. According to the Bank of Russia, in 2020, 5.8 million insured events were declared under OSAGO insurance contracts with individuals. Accordingly, for every 12 insured events, there was one consumer appeal to the service.

With his decisions, the financier helped consumers to receive an additional 4.2 billion rubles – this is the total amount of satisfied requirements of the clients of the companies, almost all of which falls on OSAGO. At the same time, more often in the total number of decisions made (there are 114.9 thousand), the financier took the side of the insurers.

As Mr. Voronin explained, 37.2% of decisions were made to satisfy the requirements, 48.8% to refuse to satisfy, in 14% of cases the dispute was terminated because the parties agreed in the process. According to him, cases of refusal to satisfy claims are associated with incorrect filing of a claim, non-observance of the claim procedure (before going to the financial manager, it is imperative to receive an answer from the insurer about the subject of the dispute) and with the fact that in the bulk of the insurers, in obvious cases, they prefer to pay off the client for another the claim stage – that is, unfounded complaints often reach the financial manager.

The Financial Ombudsman Service began work in June 2019 – and immediately from OSAGO insurers. They pay for the maintenance of the new institute. According to Olga Krainova, the head of the financial commissioner’s activities, the balance of the institute is surplus – the fund’s revenues in 2020 amounted to 1.8 billion rubles. They include 1.7 billion rubles. contributions from financial institutions, RUB 116 million income from placement and investment of funds in the financial market and 54.9 million rubles. fees for consideration of applications of third parties to whom the consumer’s right to claim against a financial institution has been assigned. Let us remind you that the latter – the so-called “auto lawyers” – before the appearance of the financial budget man, rather successfully won against insurers in courts. The fact is that the financier does not award fines and penalties under the consumer protection law, which were previously awarded by the court. This is partly why the market avoids criticizing the activities of the service.

“Three parties immediately benefit from the work of the financial manager: both a citizen dissatisfied with the insurer, who receives a qualified decision quickly and without the cost of a lawyer, and courts, the number of insurance cases on compulsory motor third party liability insurance in which has decreased by more than half, and insurers, the number of collected court fines and penalties from which were reduced in 2020 by 62%, from 14.9 to 5.7 billion rubles. “- said the President of the All-Russian Union of Insurers Igor Yurgens. It turns out that the financier saved at least 9.2 billion rubles for insurers in the year of the pandemic.

Tatiana Grishina

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