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Biden fell ill along with the American economy


50% of Americans believe that a second civil war will begin in the United States in the next few years. At the same time, every fifth is ready to meet its beginning with a weapon in hand, and 4% are ready to shoot one of their future opponents during a political conflict.

CIA Director William Burns this week suddenly decided to speak out about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin: “There are a lot of rumors about Putin’s health. But as far as we can tell, he is too healthy.” “Too healthy” sounds like jealousy. And it’s not all thanks to God. Then they lied about ailments and ailments, now they are “too healthy.” You there in the CIA will not understand.

The handshake is firm. The President is working with documents. A catchphrase from Russia of the 90s in America of the 2020s sounds in the voice of Kevin O’Connor, Joe Biden’s attending physician. O’Connor should be optimistic, but the patient’s new symptoms cannot be hidden. In addition to a runny nose and cough, the person who caught covid added a sore throat and body aches. Preliminary analysis showed that the President of the United States has “omicron”, strain BA.5.

Unpleasant, very contagious, breaks through the immune system, even if you already had covid before. And even if, like Biden, there are two vaccinations and two boosters. For the third day in a row, the head of the White House has been taking Paxlovid. They say it’s hard for the hearts. So the regular drugs had to be cancelled. But the White House is trying to keep the schedule of working meetings. In the end it turns out like this. Whether the president of the United States is filmed by an automatic camera or a cameraman in the room is not exactly clear. But Biden definitely ignored the rules of self-isolation when, having barely learned about a positive test, he climbed onto the balcony of the White House to make a video message. It wasn’t a selfie. Somebody pressed the record button.

And for the Biden team even more. Perfect time. The President of the United States is securely isolated. He no longer needs to be directed. It doesn’t need to be corrected all the time. In short, the tail can wag the dog as much as it likes.

“The president is better. He slept well last night. He ate his breakfast and lunch. I think completely. He showed me his plate. I didn’t ask about the menu, but I saw an empty plate with crumbs,” said Ashish Jha, coordinator of the White covid control houses.

The patient has a triple appetite. However, there are many in the United States of those for whom the appearance of Biden himself causes a feeling of rejection. That’s how he was met in Massachusetts. Biden was scolded by employees of a closed coal-fired power plant. They now produce submarine cables for wind turbines. While still formally healthy, the US president came there to promote the green agenda. And he got so carried away that he scared the whole of America. Neither to the village nor to the city remembered his childhood on the outskirts of the workers. In Claymont, Delaware: “Mom was driving us and we couldn’t walk, and guess what? The first frosts, you know what happened? other people I grew up with have cancer, and so for a long time Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the country.”

The White House rushed to explain. We are talking about non-melanoma skin tumors that Biden removed a long time ago. These, however, do not arise due to poor ecology, but due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Against the background of this scandal, they somehow lost sight of the fact that already during the trip to Massachusetts, an anti-covid bubble was already forming around Biden. Prior to the announcement of the diagnosis6 “When the president went to Massachusetts, all the personnel following him were wearing masks. It was interesting. They got into the helicopter, and the press secretary put on a mask before getting into the helicopter. The president was not wearing a mask, but they all took precautions with the president.”

How many Biden could re-infect, you can’t count. First Lady Jill Biden, by the way, did not fly with her husband. But she already got it for him: “Your husband is the worst president in history, you owe us money for gas.”

In front of the columns, Americans feel like they are at the tables of thimble-makers. And now on liberal channels they are trumpeting another success of the economy of developed Bidenism.

But what about Putin’s promotion? Or the ailing American economy has already learned to produce antibodies. Well no. Inflation is at forty-year highs, as it was. In general, the Americans are anxious both for their economy and for the one who is trying to steer it.

“We sincerely hope he is doing well. We know he will lose his sense of smell, maybe forever. What does that mean? No more sniffing little girls. If you are Joe Biden and your main source of pleasure at this late stage of your life – sniffing the hair of unsuspecting, defenseless little girls, and now you can’t even smell them, imagine that. Let’s say you’re riding a bike, you see a little girl and you think: “I would love to smell her hair. Oh, man. Wu I have no sense of smell,” host Tucker Karlsson said.

Elena Zelenskaya, imitating her husband in choosing colors – Zelenskaya also has khaki clothes – will forgive from Congress exactly the same thing that her husband always asks: “Unfortunately, the war is not over. The terror continues. And I appeal to all of you on behalf of those who who died, on behalf of those people who lost their arms and legs, on behalf of those who are still alive, and those who are waiting for the return of their families from the front.I ask for weapons that will not be used to wage war with someone for someone else’s earth, but to protect your home and the right to wake up alive in this home. I ask for air defense systems so that you don’t die under missiles.”

Courting Zelenskaya Nancy Pelosi. That dove of peace. Last week, for example, she demanded that Blinken recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Pelosi is well aware of the rest of Kyiv’s requests. For example, a week ago its lower house voted to allocate $100 million to train Ukrainian pilots on American aircraft. Zelensky, of course, wants the F-15 and F-16, but the maximum that the Pentagon is preparing to be generous with is the A-10 Thunderbolt slow-moving vehicles going under decommissioning. Stormtroopers of the times of the Iraqi and Afghan wars, nicknamed “warthogs”.

But back in March, when the Poles offered to give Soviet MiG-29s to Kyiv, the White House considered such a transfer to be a red line that cannot be crossed. Since then, the red lines have receded quite a bit. The APU has no victories. The author of the concept of war to the last Ukrainian has to be more flexible. The new red line is long-range missiles for HIMARS systems.

“There are some things that the President of the United States says he is not yet ready to transfer. These include ATACMS long-range missiles, which have a range of 300 kilometers. Because he believes that while the key goal of the United States is to do whatever is necessary, to support and defend Ukraine, another key goal is to ensure that we do not get into a situation in which we are approaching World War III,” said Jake Sullivan, former US national security adviser.

However, Sullivan also does not intend to move away from her. He expressed confidence that when the American military-industrial complex, along with Zelensky’s team, “eats up” the allocated $40 billion, the White House and Congress will pour more. By the way, Donald Trump warned them all about the risk of the Third World War more than once. And it may be the main snag. The Republicans are confidently moving towards taking away one of the chambers from the Democrats. And Trump himself is looking more and more confidently into 20246 “Two years ago we were so strong, so powerful, so respected throughout the world. And now we have slipped to the weakest, especially when it comes to recognition and respect from the whole world, we are no longer respected. Two “Years ago we were energy independent and dominant. We were going to be bigger than Saudi Arabia and Russia combined. Now we’re a poor nation. We’re begging with Biden on our knees, begging for energy around the world.”

They are trying by all means to prevent the 45th president from running. In Congress every day – hearings about the storming of the Capitol on January 6th. Trump is being prosecuted. And his former strategist Steve Bannon has almost been sewn up. He ignored the subpoena and now faces 30 days to two years in prison. “We may have lost the battle today, but we are not going to lose this war. I am on the side of Trump and the Constitution,” Bannon said.

It is unlikely that Bannon is referring to the Third World War. But the second civilian – quite to itself. The latest report from the battlefield. New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin was attacked by a man with bladed weapons during a campaign rally. Zeldin was beaten off by his team. Later it turned out that the attacker was a certain David Jacobonis. Veteran of the American army. Jacobonis was drunk and wielding a $10 sharpened cat keychain.

Should we be surprised at the shocking results of a survey from sociologists from the University of Davis. According to them, more than 50% of Americans believe that a second civil war will begin in the United States in the next few years. At the same time, every fifth is ready to meet its beginning with a weapon in hand, and 4% are ready to shoot one of their future opponents during a political conflict.


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