Biden arrived at COP-27 to the cries of dissatisfied with US climate policy

US President Joe Biden, along with an American delegation, arrived at the 27th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-27) to the exclamations of disgruntled protesters. This was reported on November 11 by a TASS correspondent.

“We want the US to hear us, because they are the main opponents of the loss and damage financing initiative,” Harjit Singh, the organizer of the action, said in an interview with the agency.

It is noted that the US delegation was met by more than 100 people from the Climate Action Network (CAN), who chanted slogans demanding that they agree on funding for losses and damages from the effects of climate change.

“What do we want? Financing loss and damage! When do we want? Now,” the assembled protesters chanted as the American delegation appeared on the sidelines of the conference.

Earlier, on November 10, the British edition of The Guardian pointed out that in the next decade, the Arctic may completely lose sea ice in the summer. It is noted that as a result of the disappearance of sea ice, the dark Arctic Ocean will open up, which will absorb heat rather than reflect it, and this, in turn, will bring global warming closer.

In May 2021, American scientists raised concerns that melting glaciers in Antarctica could threaten the existence of coastal cities such as New York and Shanghai.

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