Belgium proposes to introduce a cap on gas prices in the EU

Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre De Croo believes that under the current conditions, EU member states should show solidarity, in connection with which the Belgian government proposes to coordinate gas purchases and introduce a ceiling on energy prices in the EU. Earlier in Brussels, they announced that there was no consensus in the EU on the issue of limiting the cost of gas. “Next winter will be hard. We must show solidarity. Belgium proposes to introduce a ceiling on gas prices in the EU, we also propose to create a block of countries to coordinate our purchases in order to reduce prices,” Mr. De Croo told reporters before the start of today’s EU summit (TASS quote). In May, the European Commission (EC) was instructed to prepare a proposal on possible options for introducing a ceiling on gas prices in the EU. One of the recent initiatives of the EC to regulate the EU energy market, obliging countries with alternative sources of supply to share gas with other states, was critically received by several European countries. Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry … .

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