Belarusian Oil Company has not yet confirmed the supply of gasoline to Ukraine in June

The Belarusian Oil Company (BNK) has not yet confirmed the supply of A-95 gasoline for Ukrainian counterparties for June 2021. This is reported by Enkorr with reference to the holders of contracts for the supply of gasoline to the company. Director of “Consulting group” A-95 “” Sergei Kuyun called the worst possible decision of Minsk to close the supply of gasoline A-95 to Ukraine.

“Today we were told that there would be no deliveries for the A-95 at all. Meanwhile, the full volume of A-92 will be delivered, ”a source told Enkorr.

“We are continuing negotiations. According to our information, the Mozyr plant is filled with gasoline, ”added another interlocutor of the publication.

“We understand that repairs, that volumes can be cut, but to close the shipment altogether and report it three days before the end of the month is unacceptable from any point of view. Next year, no one will simply sign with them, ”the source says.

“The worst decision that Belarusians could have taken in the current situation is to close the supply of A-95 gasoline to Ukraine, where their product has 50% of the market,” Mr. Kuyun wrote on Facebook. “On the other hand, another signal to us, the third in this spring … As far as I understand, consultations are still underway. But the task is not standard – to find 50 thousand tons of “fifth”. You can’t do without the sea, and I don’t even remember when the last time this brand came by sea. “

Recall that due to the incident with the Ryanair aircraft, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from midnight on May 29 establishes a ban on the use of the country’s airspace by aircraft registered in Belarus. In addition, a number of airlines have suspended flights over Belarus, and some companies have stopped operating flights to the country itself.

Details – in the material of “Kommersant” “Nowhere to fly, ahead of Moscow.”

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