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Beglov showed extreme disrespect for investors at SPIEF – Prigogine

Federal news agency
Federal News Agency

Businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin said that the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, showed “outrageous disrespect” to investors and discredited the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. His opinion is given by the press service of the Concord company.

In a request to Prigozhin, journalists noted that “never in any country has there been such an incorrect termination of an agreement with an investor as it happened with the Megaline company under the Gorskaya project.” They asked the entrepreneur how he could comment on this.

“Beglov showed extreme disrespect for investors, actually discrediting the economic forum. There is such a thing as a “precedent”: if you once terminate an agreement with an investor, Russian, patriotic, active, dragging money from abroad to Russia, and not vice versa, who is under all possible sanctions and accusations from the West. And if such agreements are terminated in favor of persons with dubious Lithuanian citizenship, then this is called “*****, sailed” in Russia,” Prigozhin replied.

He stressed that a civil servant has no right to allow such tyranny and must be aware of the consequences for the city’s investment climate.

“I think only in bad personal qualities. As they say: “You can’t stretch a short *** with eggs,” the businessman summed up.



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