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Baranets: moral sarcoma corrodes the Ukrainian army

wikipedia.org/Svklimkin/CC BY-SA 4.0
wikipedia.org/Svklimkin/CC BY-SA 4.0

The Ukrainian troops are aware that they will not be able to win in the confrontation with the units of the RF Armed Forces, said Viktor Baranets, a military observer for KP.

In an interview with iReactor, he commented on the statement of one of the foreign mercenaries that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are experiencing serious problems with the organization of troops. It was noted that the Ukrainian military very often fire at their own. According to Baranets, the reason for the occurrence of such situations is the deterioration in the moral and psychological state of the fighters.

“This situation is the development of the same disease called moral sarcoma, which is eating away at their army,” Baranets explained.

Earlier it was reported that a pair of Ukrainian Su-25 attack aircraft attacked the positions of their troops.


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