Banks estimated the costs of introducing a digital ruble

Digital Ruble
Digital Ruble

The implementation of a CBDC could require “hundreds of millions” of rubles from Russian banks. These figures were given to Kommersant by representatives of financial institutions.

In particular, Rosbank estimated the necessary investments at 150 million rubles.

According to Olga Makhova, director of innovation and data management, the largest investments required the creation of a special infrastructure for calculations – “deployment of complex cryptography” and restructuring of the information security system.

Independent financial market expert Andrei Barkhota explained that the implementation coincided with the introduction of sanctions. For this reason, the problem of import substitution and technological migration arose.

“These are all huge projects, they are comparable to the supply of new equipment like ATMs,” – he added.

The experts interviewed estimated the cost recovery to be two to three years, provided that banks manage to attract a significant amount of funds into a new form of money that does not involve accrual of interest.

The publication recalled that in the first year the sector could lose up to 50 billion rubles, according to calculations by Yakov and Partners. The amount includes a reduction in part of the commissions for acquiring and other non-cash payments, since transactions with the digital ruble will be free for citizens, and for businesses – not to exceed 0.3% of the payment amount.

Managing Director of the NKR Agency Stanislav Volkov predicted a delay in the implementation of CBDC, citing the history of the integration of the Faster Payment System.

The law on the digital ruble came into force on August 1. Citizens of the Russian Federation will have the opportunity to massively use the new means of payment in 2025–2027.

The asset is currently being tested in several banks.

Earlier, the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes recommended adopting in the first reading a bill providing for the integration of the digital ruble into the system of tax regulation and control.

Let us recall that in September the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation clarified the procedure for accounting for transactions with CBDC.

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