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Bad habits, eyes, cancer: nuances from Dr. Myasnikov


Redness of the eyes, soups, breast cancer and fear of old age: this and more was told in the new episode of the Doctor Myasnikov program on the Russia 1 TV channel, doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

The topic of sudden reddening of the eye is devoted to the heading “Simple Truths” in the new issue of his program. In some cases, it is urgent to go to the doctor, and the so-called “red flags” provide quick access to a specialist.

There can be many reasons for redness of the eye, the doctor says. In this case, it is very important that you can see with the red eye or not. If you stop seeing or see poorly, if there is a hemorrhage into structures that interfere with the penetration of light, this can be dangerous.

“And here you need to call and say: “Doctor, my eye is reddened – there is pain, there is no pain, this is a separate conversation – and I can’t see well with this eye,” says Dr. Myasnikov.

If the eye is reddened and you cannot keep it open, you need to see a doctor immediately. This indicates damage to the cornea, the presence of an acute infectious or infectious-allergic process, which requires immediate treatment. And even if the eye is not red, but you cannot keep it open, this is an indication for contacting an ophthalmologist.

Another simple truth from Dr. Myasnikov is redness of the eye and photophobia. In this case, you also need to urgently see a doctor. At the same time, a lot of diseases are manifested by inflammation of the eye, Myasnikov notes: the disease rarely affects any one organ. But bleeding in the eye is not a symptom of hypertension, the doctor says.

The heading “Secrets of food” Dr. Myasnikov devotes to soups. Soup, he says, should be hot or cold. Soups are called the first course, as it was assumed that the liquid soup, easily penetrating inside, starts the digestion process, preparing the digestive system for heavy meals.

Soup can be eaten not only for lunch, Myasnikov notes, and when preparing soup, it is not in vain that it is advised to drain the first broth: when cooking meat, not the most useful extracts come out.

Are healthy vitamins preserved in soups? Yes, but only if they are there. Only vitamin C is destroyed during heat treatment. In the “correct” soup there should not be a large amount of salt, there should not be fat and broth, the doctor adds.

There are few useful among soups: everything tasty is harmful, Myasnikov says. One exception is pureed vegetable soups, which used to be used to fatten up hospital patients after gastrointestinal bleeding.

Also in his program, Alexander Myasnikov talks about breast cancer – every eighth woman has a chance to face this disease. In the presence of risk factors, the chance of getting breast cancer increases to 50%. Men also get sick – they account for 2% of all cases.

What are the risk factors? For example, heredity is very important. For example, if two of your relatives had breast cancer, you should go and get tested for the corresponding mutation – Brca, which is short for breast cancer. The same applies to men, the doctor says.

Doctors do not recommend self-examination – you are not able to independently distinguish a dangerous lump from a non-dangerous one – and a mammogram should be preceded by a proper examination of the breast.

Smoking, according to Myasnikov, is not very associated with breast cancer – the risks increase, but not by much. But the risks include alcohol – even in small but regular doses. Obesity before menopause also applies to them, although overweight after menopause, on the contrary, reduces the risk of breast cancer.

At the end of the program, Myasnikov talks about how to stop being afraid of old age. According to him, the very fear of this makes us dependent on this fear, and we ourselves bring the loss of both sexual attractiveness, and financial well-being, and health.

The young man differs from the old man in his reserves, says Myasnikov. And an elderly person differs from a young one in that if he wants to live actively and be sexually attractive, earn good money, he must mobilize the reserves that he has left. And the doctor wants no one to think about old age.


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