Azerbaijani Defense Ministry accuses Armenia of shelling positions in three border regions

Global Look Press |  Michael Runkel/
Global Look Press | Michael Runkel/

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan reported that the servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces fired on Azerbaijani positions in three border regions.

The ministry said in a statement that units of the Armenian Armed Forces fired on the positions of the Azerbaijani army from the evening of September 22 until the morning of September 23. According to the available information, we are talking about the shelling of the areas of the settlements of Kokhanabi, Keshdak, Barmagbinya and Tyazakand.

“The units of the Azerbaijani army took adequate response measures,” the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.

Earlier, political scientist Stanislav Tarasov said that there is a third force in the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which is trying to disrupt the negotiation process, Tsargrad reports.


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