Axios: Sanctions against Russia could leave the US without a fusion reactor

Axios: anti-Russian sanctions jeopardized the creation of a fusion reactor in the United States.

Anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Washington could destroy plans to build a fusion reactor in the United States, writes the Axios portal.

According to the publication, Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), which is developing this project, is at risk of encountering supply problems.

high-temperature superconductors. The fact is that their main manufacturer is the Russian company SuperOx, and given the massive boycott by foreign enterprises due to a special operation in Ukraine, this cooperation was also under threat.

CFS spokeswoman Kristen Cullen declined to confirm or deny that the US side would stop purchasing. She noted that even before the situation escalated, the company diversified the supply of superconductors, and the ongoing crisis made these measures more urgent.

At the same time, CFS stressed that now the terms for achieving the energy efficiency of the reactor remain the same: they plan to reach a positive balance by 2025.

On February 24, Russia launched a special operation to demilitarize Ukraine. After that, Western countries announced large-scale restrictive measures against Moscow, primarily in the banking sector and in the field of high-tech products. Many brands have announced they will cease operations in the country.

The Kremlin called such sanctions an economic war, the likes of which have never been seen before. At the same time, the authorities stressed that they were ready for such a scenario and would continue to fulfill social obligations.

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