Home Business AvtoVAZ will switch to a four-day work week

AvtoVAZ will switch to a four-day work week


The AvtoVAZ concern, which partially restored production after a downtime due to a shortage of components, will continue to work in a four-day mode. On May 18, the company was put into idle mode, which was repeatedly extended by the management. Currently, the main production facilities are focused on the production of a new Lada Granta Classic 2022 car. After the start of the military operation in Ukraine, the automaker is experiencing difficulties in ensuring continuous production and equipping cars with the necessary components. In April, information appeared about the preparation of AvtoVAZ for the release of simplified Lada models with a minimum number of imported components that are not available due to sanctions. On June 8, the company produced the first car in two months of inactivity. About the production plans of AvtoVAZ – in the material “Kommersant” “To whom and Vesta the bride.” More news in the Kommersant Telegram channel. Andrey ….


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