Putin signed the law on granting credit holidays to mobilized Russians

Citizens of the country who underwent partial mobilization received the right to credit holidays. The corresponding law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This principle will also apply to contract employees and volunteers participating in a special operation. .

Autoexpert Morzharetto pointed out the mistake of car buyers in the Russian market

The expert added that Russian cars have long reached the world level, writes Argumenti.ru. However, it must be remembered that it is budget-class cars that are produced in Russia, Morzharetto warned. You should not expect them to be equipped with modern assistance systems, such as all-round visibility or lane keeping, the auto expert specified. .

The euro exchange rate during the auction exceeded 60 rubles for the first time since September 22

The euro exchange rate during the auction exceeded 60 rubles for the first time since September 22. This is evidenced by the trading data of the Moscow Exchange on Friday, October 7. So, according to the exchange at 11:03 Moscow time, the euro exchange rate rose by 1.76% to 60.14 rubles. Then the euro slowed … Read more

Car arsonist in Moscow City owes 1.5 million rubles to scammers

The arsonist of two cars near the Federation Tower, Sergei Arushanov, who calls himself a director of short films, turned out to be a debtor. Unknown persons demanded 1.5 million rubles from him – the investigators learned about this during a search of the pyromaniac’s apartment. In addition, the scammers forced Arushanov to burn his … Read more

Ministry of Economy wants to delay payments on microloans for SMEs due to partial mobilization

The Ministry of Economic Development has come up with an initiative to provide mobilized owners of small and medium-sized businesses with a deferral of fulfillment of obligations on microloans. .

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov: Ukrainian authorities began to dictate their terms to the West

The appetites of the Ukrainian authorities are only growing, so they began to dictate their terms to the West, Lavrov said, quoted by the TASS agency. The reason for this was the constant statements of Western countries about the support of Kyiv. The Russian minister recalled the statements of Kyiv politicians who want to build … Read more

The yellow level of terrorist danger has been extended in the Belgorod region until October 22

Russia continues to conduct a special operation in Ukraine, the purpose of which is to protect the inhabitants of Donbass. The territory of the Belgorod region, bordering Ukraine, is regularly subjected to shelling from the Ukrainian side, in connection with which, since April 11, the “yellow” level of terrorist threat has been set in the … Read more

Anita Tsoi wrote a song about love and cooking “Tsoykin Recipes”

Tsoi’s friends enthusiastically talk about the singer’s culinary talents. For many years, the artist has been running a section on social networks in which she talks about cooking the most interesting dishes. Once, having rolled up the last jar of her legendary pickled cucumbers, she realized that she had not dedicated a single song to … Read more