Home News August in Moscow will be slightly warmer than normal

August in Moscow will be slightly warmer than normal

The weather in August in Central Russia will be slightly warmer than normal. Evgeny Tishkovets, a leading specialist of the FOBOS Weather Center, announced this on Telegram.

“With the onset of August, which promises to be a little warmer than expected, in conditions of cloudy weather and a change in the northern wind to the south, the air temperature will begin to rise every day,” the forecaster said.

According to Tishkovets, by the middle of next week, the thermometers will rise to 25-30 degrees.

So far, the weather in the capital is hot, with occasional thunderstorms. But after five days of heat, the Scandinavian summer is coming to Central Russia, the air temperature promises to be more comfortable, and the atmosphere will finally calm down.

On July 29-31, the air will cool down to 10-15 degrees at night, and 20-25 degrees are expected during the day. This is below the climatic norm of the current period in central Russia, said Tishkovets.


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