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Auditor of the Accounts Chamber Mikhail Men resigned


The Federation Council received a proposal from the president on the early dismissal of Mikhail Me from the post of auditor of the Accounts Chamber (JV) at his request, said the president’s plenipotentiary in the Federation Council, Artur Muraviev. Natalia Trunova, a member of the expert-analytical council at the joint venture, can be appointed to the post of auditor. Earlier in May, the court terminated the criminal prosecution of Mikhail Men in the case of the embezzlement of 700 million rubles. (Part 4 of Art. 160 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) due to the statute of limitations.

“The Federation Council has submitted the president’s proposal for the release of Mikhail Me in connection with his personal statement,” said Mr. Muravyov at a meeting of the Federation Council’s budget committee (quoted by RIA Novosti). Anatoly Artamonov, head of the Federation Council’s budget committee, said that the president would be offered to appoint Natalya Trunova as an auditor. She is now vice president of the Center for Strategic Research Foundation.

Natalia Trunova

Natalia Trunova

Photo: CSR

Mikhail Men was involved in a criminal embezzlement case, the crime was committed in the spring of 2011, when he headed the Ivanovo region. According to the investigation, Mr. Men, together with his accomplices, squandered the funds allocated for the development of small business. He was detained in November 2020. The statute of limitations in the case expired at the end of April.

More details about the case – in the material of “Kommersant” “Mikhail I will be released from punishment and from work.”

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