ATOR: tourism industry lost 1.3 trillion rubles due to COVID-19

The profitability of companies operating in the tourism sector in Russia due to the COVID-19 pandemic fell by 60%, the losses of tour operators amounted to 1.3 trillion rubles. This was announced by Dmitry Gorin, Vice President of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) at the 14th International Conference Digital Aviation & Travel Forum.

There have been no bankruptcies in the tourism industry due to the measures introduced in connection with COVID-19, he said. At the same time, there were insured events due to the inability to continue activities. So, before the pandemic, there were 568 outbound tour operators in Russia, now there are only 419.

“But this is not so tragic, because many have switched to domestic tourism and, probably, will return to outbound tourism after the lifting of travel restrictions,” added the vice president of ATOR (quoted by RIA Novosti).

Last year, as a measure to support the tourism industry in the coronavirus pandemic in Russia, a partial refund program was launched when buying tours around the country. During the first two stages, citizens purchased tours for 6.5 billion rubles, and the total cashback amount was 1.2 billion rubles. The third stage began in March. You need to purchase the tour from March 18 to June 15, and the trip must be made before June 30.

You can read about the restoration of inbound tourism in Russia in the publication of Kommersant “Crisis Recruitment of Travelers”.

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