At a popular resort among Russians, there has been a sale of housing

Real estate prices in Montenegro may decrease markedly in the foreseeable future. About the emerging sale of housing is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by Montenegro Prospects, according to the portal

According to a study in which residents of the Balkan region, Western Europe and Russia participated, potential buyers of real estate in a popular resort expect a price collapse of 30 percent, sellers, in turn, predict a 10 percent drop.

The prospects for the rental housing market in Montenegro are also evaluated differently: about 30 percent of respondents said that rates this season will remain unchanged. Another 30 percent suggested that they would fall by 20-30 percent. Every fifth respondent expects a reduction in the cost of rental property by 30-50 percent.

In general, respondents noted that the country coped well with the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of May, Montenegro eased restrictions on tourists entering the country against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, but temporarily refused to accept travelers from Russia due to the high level of infection. The corresponding statement was made by the Prime Minister of the country Dushko Markovic.

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