Arthur Hayes called bitcoin the currency of artificial intelligence


Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes suggested that Bitcoin would be the ideal currency for artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

In his opinion, digital gold is better suited for this than other assets. Separately, he noted its characteristics:

  • decentralization;
  • resistance to censorship;
  • demonstrable deficit;
  • dependence of intrinsic value on energy costs.

“To date, there is nothing that can compare with bitcoin in these parameters,” Hayes wrote.

He believes that in the future, investors may overestimate the first cryptocurrency due to its “acceptance” by artificial intelligence.

According to Hayes, this will happen due to the desire to “avoid inflation in the fiat financial system” and “own part of the next phase of human and computer evolution.”

The former CEO of BitMEX added that by 2025-2026, the AI ​​economy will account for up to 50% of global GDP, against which bitcoin will reach $760,000.

Recall that on December 12, 2022, Hayes announced that the first cryptocurrency had reached the bottom, and five months later he predicted its new rally by 2024.

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