Arnold Schwarzenegger warned about the threat of AI


Movie star and ex-Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger drew parallels with real-life artificial intelligence (AI) and Skynet from the Terminator movie.

The potential threat posed by AI was a common cliché of science fiction in Hollywood in the late 20th century. Now, however, Schwarzenegger has seen the real problem posed by technology.

“[У “Терминатора”] brilliant script, because now – after all these decades – it has become a reality. So it’s no longer a fantasy or something futuristic. This is already happening today, ”the actor said.

According to the plot of the film, artificial intelligence, created by order of the US Department of Defense, caused a nuclear catastrophe and the extinction of mankind.

Meanwhile, the film industry in the US is experiencing a strike by the Eastern Writers Guild of America (WGA). One of the reasons for the conflict was the use of generative AI for content writing.

The WGA suggested that generated content not be considered “literary” or “source material”. The organization also demanded a ban on the use of AI to rewrite works covered by the agreement.

In April 2022, British actors also spoke out against the use of artificial intelligence in the film industry.

Recall that in May 2023, the former head of Google Eric Schmidt said that AI is an “existential risk” because of which many people can “suffer or die.”

In June, UN officials reported that AI-created deepfakes threaten the integrity of information and lead to hate speech in society.

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