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Armenian government agreed to rename “brandy” for € 3 million from the EU


The Armenian government approved a financial agreement with the European Union on the program of changing the name of “cognac”. Yerevan must abandon it within 14 years in the local market and 25 years in the foreign market, Sputnik Armenia reports.

The rejection of the “cognac” is provided for by the Agreement on a Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership with the EU from 2017, which entered into force in March 2021. The same agreement secured the refusal of “champagne”.

Cognac is a type of brandy made from special grape varieties using a special technology in the New Aquitaine region of France. In the CIS countries, cognac is often called any brandy.

Brussels is allocating money for a smooth transition to a new name. They will be directed to develop a new brand, advertise it, stimulate its use and remain competitive.

The chairman of the National Wine Center of Armenia Avag Harutyunyan previously explained to Sputnik Armenia that “Armenian brandy” is exported under this name only to post-Soviet countries. According to him, it is imported to European countries as brandy.

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