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Armed Forces of Ukraine relentlessly hit the civilian population


And this is how Western propaganda works. The Ukrainian army is increasing shelling of Donetsk every day. It happens that dozens of artillery shells are fired at the long-suffering city in a day. They beat indiscriminately – in the residential sector, schools, markets, hospitals … The number of victims among the civilian population of the city is also growing. At the same time, the European media shamelessly lie, reporting that it is the Russian armed forces that are shelling Donetsk. On June 13, the German TV channel ARD aired a story about the massive shelling of Donetsk: “Civilian targets constantly fall under the shelling of the Russian army. Here is the market of the southeastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk or what is left of it. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are powerless in the face of large-scale attacks from better equipped Russian army.” There was no clear apology for this lie from the ARD. As it was not said that the APU is shooting at peaceful people.

Winding through narrow unfamiliar lanes through fallen trees is difficult. We ended up in the shelling zone, trying to find the fire station, which was hit by a shell from the Ukrainian side. A black thick column of smoke could be seen from anywhere in the city. We got to the place, but calmed down – for 15 minutes, the shelling resumed.

Residents of the area tried to hastily leave the danger zone. During the artillery strike on the May market in Donetsk, a woman and her 11-year-old son did not have time to run for cover. They died on the spot.

The most military facility in Donetsk is the maternity hospital. The blast shattered doors and windows. Miraculously, no one was hurt. Staff and expectant mothers managed to evacuate to the basement. More than 170 women in labor and 35 children were evacuated. During the night there were three more children in the basement. It was not possible to bring down the newborns from the intensive care unit. These boxes are not transportable. Doctors and nurses – fragile women – remained on the fifth floor during the shelling along with their little patients.

Immediately, two shells flew into a school for pupils with visual impairments. Fortunately, there were no students in the building.

The proletarian district of Donetsk is located at the maximum distance from Avdiivka, where Ukrainian nationalists dug in and from where they conduct daily shelling of the city. The NATO 155th caliber is also finishing off this place, which only yesterday seemed safe.

Ruins of Azovstal. In these catacombs is the former lair of the Azov people. Wolf hooks are everywhere. Lots of related literature. Everything you could expect to see here, but not this. Photo of Vladimir Zelensky on the target. Hit exactly in the head – in the bull’s-eye. The nationalists did not respect their president very much.

For the first time, foreign journalists found themselves in the dungeon. “The fact is that our government is involved in financing terrorists. It’s shocking. You call your actions a ‘special operation’. I call it a war. A war between good and evil. And the Russians are winning it,” said John Mark Dugan, a journalist from USA.

The ideology of Nazism in these casemates literally sprouted and deepened. It is obvious that their inhabitants would stop at nothing in their blind desire to exterminate the civilians of the same daily shelled Donetsk, whom they designated as their target.

Here is such an off-road throw from Popasnaya to the village of Vrubovka, which has just come under the control of the allied forces. This section of the route in the Kamyshevakhi area is now under active fire from Ukrainian artillery, so it is important to overcome it as soon as possible.

Burnt-out cars, crushed concrete and ashes are scattered along the roadsides: not a single whole building remains in the village. The 11th Regiment of the People’s Militia of the DPR is in work. Door-to-door detour in search of civilians.

Howitzers, “Grads”, “Hurricanes”… The shelling does not stop. People are afraid to come out of basements.

Control of Vrubovka opens up space for the allied forces to advance to the borders of the republic.

Strategically important positions near Donetsk. Recent reservists, they took up arms only four months ago. There are also girls in the battalion. They are on the defensive here. Nearby are the villages of Avdeevka and Peski, occupied by the enemy, the center of Donetsk is only 10 kilometers away. Throughout the week, the capital of the republic has been under heavy artillery fire. Dozens of dead civilians. There may still be people under the rubble.

Mariupol is much calmer. On the bulletin board – photographs – people are looking for missing relatives. Nearby – the distribution of humanitarian aid and brisk trade.

An impromptu market on one of the streets of Mariupol. Here they sell cookies, sweets, sausage, lard. Among the sellers there are those who have already managed to travel from Mariupol to the nearest peaceful settlements or Donetsk and buy goods there. Prices are in hryvnias and rubles.

Public transport has been launched, mobile communications have appeared. The city is in order. Pensioners and young parents receive the first payments. In the settlements occupied by the allied forces, people hope that everything will end soon. And what, of course, is striking is the sense of humor. Without him, they say, there is nothing here.



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