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Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at Antonovsky bridge in Kherson from MLRS HIMARS

Ukrainian nationalists attacked the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson. On the crossing across the Dnieper, the Ukrainian side fired rockets from the HIMARS MLRS, for the third time in a day. Explosions rocked the city.

Due to damage to the roadway for civilian vehicles, traffic is temporarily blocked.

This was announced by the deputy head of the military-civilian administration (CAA) of the Kherson region Kirill Stremousov.

According to him, the blocking of the Antonovsky bridge will not significantly affect the delivery of goods to Kherson. “We have prepared a pontoon crossing, a ferry crossing,” the official explained.

In the Ukrainian segment of the Internet, in social networks, they hastened to declare that the target had been destroyed, but the authorities of the Kherson region denied this. The Armed Forces of Ukraine worked out air defense on missiles. All the shells flying to the bridge were shot down. However, as reported in the region now, the crossing is temporarily closed. The bridge received some damage but was not destroyed.

Antonovsky Bridge is the only automobile and pedestrian crossing across the Dnieper, connecting Kherson with the left bank, in particular, with the city of Alyoshki. Its length is about 1.4 km, width is 25 m.


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