ARK Invest saw a threat to US interests in attempts by regulators to “hurt” bitcoin


US attempts to harm the first cryptocurrency are detrimental to the long-term strategic interests of the country. Brett Winton, chief futurist at ARK Invest, wrote about this.

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The expert is sure that the US would be better off accepting rather than trying to tightly control digital gold.

“Trying to destroy bitcoin because it threatens the supremacy of the dollar system is like trying to neutralize language translation technology because it [якобы] undermines the dominance of English, he compared.

Comments appeared just a few days after the transfer SEC verdict on applications for the launch of spot ETFs based on the first cryptocurrency from a number of companies.

Earlier, the regulator made a similar decision regarding the proposal of ARK Invest and 21Shares.

“Both technologies, when implemented more painlessly, tend to enhance the power law advantage that the English/dollar system already enjoys. Everything else becomes a commodity / interchangeable”, he explained.

Recall that the head of ARK Invest, Cathy Wood, predicted a positive decision on several applications at once.

Previously specialists IMF acknowledged that banning digital assets is not the best way to mitigate the risks associated with them.

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