Arbitrum introduced a tool for creating L3 solutions

What is Arbitrum?
What is Arbitrum?

The team behind Arbitrum’s L2 protocol, Offchain Labs, has released a tool to launch L3 blockchains using the Orbit software stack.

According to the developers, using Orbit, you can create your own control protocols, configure privacy, permissions, tokenomics and commissions.

The tool is available on the Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova networks, as well as on the Arbitrum Goerli testnet. At the same time, all custom chains can interact with each other.

β€œYou can think of Orbit as a deployable, custom offshoot of the Arbitrum technology stack. […] You can also think of them as networks tailored to your specific use case and business needs. This provides another way to gradually decentralize applications and implement Ethereum base layer security solutions,” the developers noted.

In addition to the new toolkit, Offchain Labs has implemented the Orbit Devnet sandbox environment, which allows you to securely test smart contracts and applications before deploying them to the mainnet.

The team noted that the main goal of the technology is to move towards a β€œmulti-chain future.” Orbit helps to reduce the load on the core networks and increase their throughput.

In June, the gaming-focused Xai project announced the launch of an L3 blockchain powered by Arbitrum.

Recall that the decentralized data indexing protocol The Graph has moved to the last stage of migration from the Ethereum blockchain to Arbitrum in order to reduce transaction costs.

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