Arbitrum developers have expanded the language support for smart contracts


The team behind Arbitrum’s L2 protocol, Offchain Labs, has unveiled the Stylus tool, which allows you to create smart contracts in several popular programming languages.

Arbitrum developers have expanded the language support for smart contracts
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The developers have published the solution code and launched a public testnet.

“Arbitrum Stylus allows you to use both traditional EVM-tools and WASMcompatible languages ​​like Rust, C and C++,” the team explained.

According to the statement, Stylus is “significantly” reducing gas costs, enabling new resource-intensive use cases for blockchain, C++-based games, and previously unavailable AI computing models.

The launch of the solution became possible after the deployment of the Nitro update. The update implemented a transaction authentication system using WASM languages, and also allowed you to configure and compile AVM through compatible tools.

Offchain Labs noted that Stylus has the potential to expand Arbitrum’s application development capabilities from around 20,000 Solidity developers to millions of Rust and C programmers.

The tool provides full compatibility with traditional EVM contracts and faster execution.

To promote Stylus, the company will host a $20,000 reward hackathon as part of the ETHGlobal NY event. The team also announced a grant program from the Arbitrum Foundation to research and develop the solution.

Recall that in June, Offchain Labs released a tool for implementing third-level blockchains using the Orbit software stack.

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