Andrey Melnichenko’s NTK management changed

Denis Ilatovsky, who has worked as a logistics director for SUEK since 2012 and headed the National Transport Company (NTK) created on the basis of the transport assets of SUEK and Eurochem by Andrey Melnichenko, a year ago. In his place was appointed Alexander Sapronov, who came to SUEK in 2020. With the departure of Mr. Ilatovsky, Kommersant’s interlocutors say, the industry has lost not only a professional, but also one of the most energetic, consistent and productive participants in the shippers ‘transport lobby, without which it will be much more difficult to defend the interests of consumers of Russian Railways’ services.

Denis Ilatovsky, who held the post of general director of the National Transport Company, left the post. He was replaced by Alexander Sapronov, director of logistics at SUEK, the coal company said. According to Kommersant’s sources, Mr. Sapronov took up a new position on May 27.

New CEO of NTK Alexander Sapronov

New CEO of NTK Alexander Sapronov

Photo: Svetlana Privalova, Kommersant

The fact that Mr. Ilatovsky is leaving the post of head of NTK, reported on Friday PortNews, this was confirmed by the sources of Kommersant.

Denis Ilatovsky was appointed to the post of general director of NTK at the end of 2020 – then the company itself was created, which included the transport assets of SUEK and Eurochem by Andrey Melnichenko (see Kommersant of January 18). These include the Murmansk Commercial Sea Port, Daltransugol in Vanino, bulk terminals in Tuapse, Nakhodka and Murmansk, the port of Sillamae and a project to build a new port terminal in Ust-Luga. In addition, more than 50 thousand SUEK and Eurochem wagons were transferred under his management. Prior to that, since 2012, Mr. Ilatovsky headed the logistics department at SUEK for eight years.

As noted on the company’s website, under the leadership of Denis Ilatovsky, a reliable logistics network has been formed, processes of large-scale modernization, including environmental modernization, of port assets have been launched, one of the largest car parks in Russia has been created.

Prior to joining SUEK, Mr. Ilatovsky worked as Logistics Director and General Director of the Baltic Metallurgical Terminal of the United Metallurgical Company, and previously held various positions at the Saratov Hardware Plant. Alexander Sapronov has worked as a logistics director for SUEK since December 2020, before that he held senior positions in Freight One, NLMK, in the largest Russian oil companies.

Sources of Kommersant in the market call the departure of Mr. Ilatovsky from the company “very unexpected”. Some of them associate him with the fact that he did not have the best relations with Mr. Sapronov. Denis Ilatovsky himself declined to comment. But the interlocutors of Kommersant say that while he is going nowhere, and perhaps he will be engaged in his own projects for the time being, one of them suggests.

Former CEO of NTK Denis Ilatovsky

Former CEO of NTK Denis Ilatovsky

Photo: Sergey Bobylev, Kommersant

Mr. Ilatovsky consistently and energetically defended the transport and logistics interests of the coal industry and consumers of the services of Russian Railways as a whole in a dialogue with the monopoly and specialized departments, say Kommersant’s interlocutors in the market. “Losing it on the eve of the start of a new cycle of tariff discussions with Russian Railways may significantly weaken the position of shippers,” says one of them, referring to recent proposals by Russian Railways to directly or differentially raise tariffs for shippers to compensate for the rise in prices for metal and building materials at BAM …

Denis Ilatovskiy worked on the presidium of the Union of Railway Transport Operators (UCLT) as an independent member of the presidium from 2015 to 2017, they say in the UCLT. “Then we interacted within the framework of the Consumer Council of JSC Russian Railways and at other sites,” says Aleksey Druzhinin, executive director of SOZhT. “Even on debatable issues, it was almost always possible to find compromise solutions. We hope that this interaction will continue, as it can definitely be noted that, being a very authoritative figure in the coal industry, he demonstrates an extremely high degree of competence when it comes to related industries. ” “This is one of the leading experts in the transport industry in Russia, who has both colossal experience and is a recognized and respected expert speaker in the Consumer Council of Russian Railways and other industry associations,” says Anton Zubikhin, Deputy General Director for Sales of Private Label. development of the industry and constant interest in modern solutions ”.

Another interlocutor of Kommersant in the industry calls the departure of Denis Ilatovsky a “surprise”, but in the spirit of changes in the holding.

A year ago it became known that the co-owner of SUEK Vladimir Rashevsky, who headed the company for more than 15 years, is leaving the post of general director, and Stepan Solzhenitsyn is taking his place (see Kommersant dated May 18, 2020). Mr. Rashevsky, in turn, was appointed to lead Eurochem (see Kommersant on September 8, 2020), although, according to Kommersant’s information, he continues to vigilantly monitor the affairs of SUEK and NTK.

Anastasia Vedeneeva, Natalia Skorlygina

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