Home Business “Anamnesis of the week”. Results of SPIEF-2022 and mortgages at 7%

“Anamnesis of the week”. Results of SPIEF-2022 and mortgages at 7%


What steps did the President of the Russian Federation take? Vladimir Putin to stabilize the economic situation in the face of global sanctions and what awaits our economy in the future? What opportunities will a lower mortgage rate open to Russians? Answers to these and other questions – in the new issue of the project Federal News Agency “Anamnesis of the week”.

In this program, the presenter Ruslan Kitaygorodsky will discuss pressing issues together with a member of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Dmitry Panov.

Experts will analyze in detail the results of the XXV St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The main theme of the forum is “New World – New Opportunities”. The topic was not chosen by chance. Western pressure and sanctions against our country are changing the rules of the entire global economy. Also, the President of Russia proposed to lower the bar on mortgages to 7%. This offer will be available until the end of the year.

About this and much more – in the new issue of the Anamnesis of the Week program.


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