Analysts counted the number of hacker attacks on crypto projects


From January to June 2023, the crypto industry experienced at least 395 hacks, resulting in a loss of about $479.4 million, according to PeckShield data.

Data: Twitter.

Compared to the same period in 2022, monetary damage has decreased by almost five times.

According to analysts, the losses from the ten largest hacks currently account for 79% ($378.3 million) of the total amount stolen. DeFi protocol Euler Labs ($197 million) and decentralized wallet Atomic Wallet ($65 million) lead by a wide margin.

Thanks to white hat hackers, security companies and law enforcement managed to recover $226.2 million.

April was the heaviest in terms of attacks – during this month, attackers stole $ 203.3 million.

Data: Twitter.

DeFi protocols were mostly hit by hackers — 98% ($414 million) of all hacks in 2023. Most of the attacks occurred on projects in the Ethereum network, as a result of which $287 million was lost.

The top three DeFi hacks include logistical errors in the code (46%), oracle manipulation (15%), and privilege hijacking (14%). 76% of attackers used flash loans.

Recall that in 2022, Beosin experts estimated the damage to the crypto industry from 167 major attacks at $3.6 billion. More than half of the total losses fell on 12 incidents with cross-chain bridges — $1.89 billion.

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