Americanist Drobnitsky predicted big problems for Biden after Zelensky scandal

Washington, January 30th. Volodymyr Zelensky, in his short political career, managed to set up two US presidents, the latter twice.

At first, Donald Trump was seriously hurt by the conversation with the Ukrainian guarantor. As you know, the Democrats accused him of putting pressure on his Ukrainian colleague in a telephone conversation with Zelensky, demanding to speed up the investigation into the case of Hunter Biden and the Ukrainian company Burisma. Trump was impeached, but after a long debate in court and the Senate, all charges were dropped.

The same son’s corruption case also hooked Joe Biden, who had to deal with the “Ukrainian scandal” right during the elections. Due to the throwing of the Zelensky team, which really could not choose who to bet on in the American election race, Biden almost lost it. The so-called Ukrainian trail hurt Joe’s reputation and became one of the most serious obstacles to the Oval Office. Now the story with Trump has repeated itself almost like a mirror image. Biden is facing impeachment after a scandal fanned by CNN over a telephone conversation with Vladimir Zelensky. And the current owner of the White House may not get off with a slight fright, as his predecessor did in his time, and lose everything because of an unusual, as the media say, conversation with the Ukrainian guarantor.

Americanist Drobnitsky predicted big problems for Biden after Zelensky scandal

IA “Politics Today” / Yagudaev Vladimir

Big, and perhaps fatal problems for Biden in an interview with journalist Roman Golovanov were predicted by American political scientist Dmitry Drobnitsky, emphasizing that the internecine war of local elites is flaring up more and more in the United States.

“This scandal is obviously completely prepared, because one part of the elite is fighting against another. The most important thing that CNN leaked is that “the lackey dared to argue with Biden.” And after that it started. Now the Republicans are demanding a transcript of the conversation with Zelensky, and if the Democrats lose Congress this fall, the Republicans will impeach Biden, which will turn into huge problems with his level of support among the population and all the same elites. Republicans are already rubbing their hands and ready to avenge Trump. This scandal will still cost Biden dearly, ”the expert predicted the development of the situation.

The political scientist emphasized that the source of the scandal was the most dangerous signal for Joe in this situation. CNN can be safely called the manual media of the US Democratic Party, that is, their own went against Biden, skillfully manipulating public opinion and pushing the Republicans to impeach him.

Drobnitsky also added that in the situation with the call to Zelensky, everything is fine for Biden’s opponents, since the White House is losing, no matter how you twist this story. If we start from the myth of a free independent Ukraine, it turns out that the US leadership is blatantly lying, assuring the world and, most importantly, its public that an invasion is about to happen. Zelensky vehemently denies this. If we take the facts, it looks like a submissive and obedient satellite decided to buck and argue with his immediate employer. And this already means that Biden cannot keep in check even such weak and weak-willed assets as Ukraine. Like it or not, Biden’s reputation is under attack, and his political future is becoming increasingly cloudy.

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