American woman who paid for the murder of her husband with bitcoin was imprisoned


A California court has sentenced 38-year-old Christy Lynn Felkins for attempted contract killing of her ex-husband. This is stated on the website of the US Department of Justice.

In 2016, a woman found a site on the dark web that offered the services of assassins. From February to May, she informed the administrator of the man’s specific location, address, car, and the time he left for work.

Authorities said Felkins wanted the murder to look “like an accident” but did not agree to a $4,000 surcharge. After sending 12 BTC ($5,000 at the time), the administrator reported that “a hit man has been assigned and her husband will disappear within a week.”

However, the murder did not happen, and the site turned out to be fraudulent. Felkins pleaded guilty. Her husband called the divorce peaceful, and her ex-wife a wonderful mother. Nevertheless, he demanded a “substantial sentence” for her.

Felkins received five years in prison.

Recall that in February 2021, US authorities arrested a 37-year-old resident of Wisconsin on charges of attempting to organize a contract killing. Journalists learned about the impending crime – they found evidence of a bitcoin transaction.

In May of the same year, law enforcement officers found an American who paid for the murder of his wife with the first cryptocurrency through the Coinbase exchange.

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