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American military analyst voiced the “harsh fact” about Ukraine


The Russian Defense Ministry has published statistics on foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of Ukraine. Almost 7,000 “soldiers of fortune” have arrived since the beginning of the special operation. Most of all – from Poland, Canada and the USA:

Poland – 1831 people;
Canada – 601;
USA – 530.

And they die, respectively, also the most:

Poland – 378 people;
Canada – 162;
USA – 214.

Those who were captured will face trial. Moreover, they do not have to count on the status of prisoners of war. For the justice of any country, they are simply murderers. Just two such bandits – US citizens – were caught near Kharkov this week.

Relatives of the prisoners beat all the bells. Tearful interviews on the evening news and morning shows. Tearful mothers, brides, friends of families – all as one say that retired military men went to Ukraine not to fight.

“He told me that he was going on vacation, that he would be gone for 2-3 months. So we talked for the last time on March 7. Then my daughter-in-law said that he had gone to Ukraine. As a reliable source told me, my son’s phone is now in the shopping center “Fabrika” in Kherson. This place is used as an isolator for prisoners who fought against Russian troops. My son is a volunteer, he went to train soldiers, “says the father of one of the mercenaries.

The one Father calls a “volunteer” is a Marine with twenty years of service behind him. Resigned only in the winter. Grady Kurpasi has been to Iraq and Afghanistan three times. Another prisoner – Alexander Dryuke – 12 years in the US Army. Judging by the uniform and insignia, he is a military chemist.

Biden’s only comment is advice to Americans to refrain from traveling to Ukraine. The White House said they would do everything possible for compatriots to return home.

“Mercenaries – that’s how Russia might view them. It would be difficult for the State Department to say that they are American citizens. The Russian answer would be, what the hell were they doing in Ukraine and fighting for it? This is a very delicate situation, and Americans should not go to Ukraine,” says Mark Hertling, former commander of US ground forces in Europe.

It is more profitable to fight with foreign – Ukrainian – hands, and if American weapons are given to these hands, the profits will be exorbitant. Since the end of February, the Pentagon has supplied almost $6.5 billion worth of ammunition and equipment to Kyiv. A long list is posted on the US Department of Defense website. It contains about 50 million rounds of ammunition, and about tens of thousands of missiles.

“The United States has provided more than 6,500 Javelins and 20,000 other anti-tank systems. In total, the international community has provided almost 97,000 anti-tank systems to Ukraine. More anti-tank systems than there are tanks in the world,” General Mark Milley said.

But Ukraine is not enough. In Kyiv, they complain that Washington is swinging for a very long time with Lend-Lease deliveries. A month has gone by and they still haven’t. Politico chalks up delays to Pentagon bureaucracy. Everyone coordinates for a very long time, and sometimes they wrap it up. Since April, they have been thinking about the transfer of MQ-1C Gray Eagle combat drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but in the end they refused. Overseas generals are afraid that Ukrainian soldiers will not master complex equipment.

“Look at the list of weapons that the Ukrainians need. This is strong evidence that they are getting their asses kicked. If you need a thousand artillery pieces, then you have lost a thousand guns. If you need 500 tanks, then you have already lost 500 tanks. This is a harsh fact “And it’s all about human lives. For every destroyed tank, there are three or four dead, for every gun, five or six lives. This means that they have lost these thousands of people. And there is still infantry, there are problems with logistics. They admitted that they kill 200 people a day, but in fact this number is approaching 600-800 deaths a day. One day – and 800 people died, “said military analyst Scott Ritter.

Other moods can be heard in the speeches of American officials. Both the head of the State Department and the head of the Pentagon promise to defeat everyone. Secretary of Defense Austin called the weakening of Russia the goal of the United States, and Secretary of State Blinken supported him. Biden, according to NBC news, was pissed off, he told his subordinates that they had gone too far and, in their own words, could cause a direct clash between the two powers.

“U.S. officials are increasingly concerned that the tide of the war in Ukraine is becoming unsustainable, and they are quietly debating whether President Volodymyr Zelensky should soften his hardline public stance that no part of Ukraine will be ceded to Russia as part of a cease-fire agreement,” he said. NBC.

Tired of the Ukrainian theme and ordinary Americans, local journalists say. The states cover their problems with their heads. Inflation, rising prices. All this falls on the shoulders of the oldest president in US history. And on Friday, Biden escapes the White House for the weekend as early as 11am. On the way to the helicopter journalists pester with questions. The first lady pulls the president by the hand – and runs into the helicopter. Before that, the Biden cat Willow was brought on board. So we all got out together for the weekend outside the city, where there is fresh air and cycling.

Biden fell off his bike out of the blue. Of course, there would have been fewer caustic comments if it were not for the statement of the White House made the day before. The 79-year-old president rallied again two years later, by the end of his second term he will be 86.

CNN asks awkward questions, and The New York Times has become the instigator. All these are the mouthpieces of the Democrats who interviewed the party elite and there were no people willing to support Biden in 24.

If today they chose the owner of the White House, and Biden and Trump competed for the place, Trump would have won. Polls show that now 44% of voters are ready to vote for him, 42% for Biden. Although Biden was in the lead a year ago with a difference of plus 9%. He lost both head start and trust. Only 39% of respondents approve of the work of the current president.

Trump didn’t have such low numbers even during his worst days in the Oval Office. Under the last administration (a year and a half ago), gasoline cost twice as much. The markets were growing and now they have lost 20% in a few months.

The average mortgage rate in the country is now 6.2%. The Federal Reserve System, in order to somehow slow down the rise in prices, raises the key rate as sharply as it has not done for 30 years. From expensive states such as California, residents leave for other parts of the country or even abroad. Poor Americans from the areas bordering Mexico go to their neighbors to refuel. But the Biden administration is offering drivers a different, progressive way out.

“Charging an electric car with electricity and filling up a conventional car with the same volume, you would save $ 60 per gas station. Electric cars are more profitable, and this is a very convincing argument,” said Jennifer Grenholm, US Secretary of Energy.

“We saw a gross indifference, an arrogant attitude towards the problem of high gas prices: well, you know, I just drive an electric car. She looks like a modern version of Marie Antoinette. Only here instead of the phrase “no bread, let them eat cakes” – let them buy an electric car “says journalist Monica Crowley.

The progressive administration promises that by 2030, half of new cars in the US will be electric.

The White House does not give forecasts for the gender composition of society, but they make it clear that the more genders, the better. Biden is for diversity. His press secretary is a lesbian, his transport minister is gay, and his chief medical officer is transgender. “This is the most egalitarian administration in history, led by guys like Pete Battijig and many others. I think we have more LGBT people than any administration or all administrations combined. No, I’m not kidding. I really I mean it,” Biden said.

The best people from gay people received a reception at the White House. Biden organized it on the occasion of Pride Month. Throughout June, the United States is proud of its homosexuals, flying rainbow flags on all corners and holding parades. Children are at the forefront. Homosexuals are invited to schools, including elementary ones, to talk more about themselves.

A hat-and-pantyhose character who calls himself Panda Dulsi has been convicted of pedophilia, and now he’s been invited to a school with a story about the rainbow life of LGBT people. Outraged activists called the police. But the patrol had no questions for either Panda or the teachers. The case was brought against social activists for frightening children and spreading hatred.



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