American hit the jackpot contrary to his wife’s advice

In the United States, a resident of South Carolina was enriched by half a million dollars due to the fact that he did not obey his spouse, who warned him against buying a lottery ticket, UPI reported.

A man who wanted to remain anonymous said that he and his wife traveled by car. During the trip, his wife asked to stop at the nearest gas station to use the toilet.

The man decided to refuel the car and saw a motorist erasing the protective layer of a lottery ticket at a nearby column. He told his wife that he wanted to participate in the draw, for which he heard the advice not to do this.

Having disobeyed his wife, the American bought the same ticket and became the owner of half a million dollars. Journalists note that the couple intends to spend the money they won on future trips by car.

Earlier, according to Rambler, the British builder Steve Thompson, who won £ 105 million in the lottery (about 8.7 billion rubles), did not quit his job and bought a used Volkswagen van with prize money.

He told the media that the wealth that had suddenly fallen on him became a “moral problem” for him because he did not want the money to change him.

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